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Sample of our clients
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to view in real action their full working reservation components:
Dryoussa Apartments
Santorini Palace Hotel
Villa Ilias
Theoxenia Hotel
Scorpios Apartments Studios
Oia Mare Villas
Antinea Suites & Spa Hotel (Kamari)
Santorini Reflexions Sea (Kamari)
Santorini Reflexions Volcano (Fira)
Afroditi Venus Beach Hotel & Spa (Kamari)
Bellonias Villas (Kamari)
Hotel 28 (Kamari)
Lucky Homes (Oia)
Avaton Resort & Spa
Kykladonisia Traditional Hotel
Pantheon Deluxe Villas
Stelios Place Apartments
Vinsanto Villas
Soula Villa
Pension Petros
Astir Thira Hotel
Villa Anemone
Museum Spa Welness Hotel (Οία)
Altana Traditional Suites (Imerovigli)
La Perla villas (Oia)
Casa Francesca & Musses Studios (Oia)
Caldera Villas (Oia)
Amoudi Villas (Oia)
V.I.P Suites (Oia)
Residence Suites (Oia)
Blue Suites Apartments (Fira)
Agnadema Apartments (Fira)
BoatHouse Hotel Sea View Rooms (Kamari)
Atalos Villas (Kamari)
Aghios Artemios Traditional Houses (Imerovigli)
Regina Mare Hotel (Imerovigli)
Csky Santorini Luxury Hotel(Imerovigli)
Elysium Hotel
Madalena Hotel
San Antonio Summerland
Grand beach Hotel (near town)
Studio Eleni
Villa Vasilis
Mykonos Thea (Agios Sostis)
Lianos Village
Giannakas Studios
Niriedes Hotel

Sell your rooms online in real time - on line reservations with maximum security
with an annual fee :  € 235 Euro + VAT, regardless the reservations you make through the system!

Features: allows you to run your hotel online, giving you complete control over all your hotel details and transactions! Below are only a few features of our complete reservations system:

  Define prices for your property with unlimited offers and different deposit & cancellation policies.
  Define/modify your hotels's availability.
  Present hotel & room facilities.
  Manage your reservations, accept credit card orders with maximum security.
  Online credit card processing available on request.
  Get alerts on your mobile (ringing or SMS), with the reservation details (Name, Dates, Type of room)  when a reservation takes place! Even "confirm" or "cancel/decline" your reservation from your mobile phone sending an SMS text to the Server.
 Central administration for Agencies handling large numbers of Hotels / Lodgings.
    ... and many other options...

How does it work?
Reservations.GR is available in "components" for existing independent sites OR for sites hosted in WebHotel.GR - - OR for sites hosted in other guides in Internet OR even as a combination of the previous mentioned. The administration is common for all the sites where these components have been installed. The Web user after the reservation will visit a predefined Site which you (the Hotelier) have decided. Register with us filling in your hotel's information at, which will allow us to personalize your account and presentation settings. Then you will be assigned a username and a password, with which you will have the ability to update all your hotel details, including room types, seasons, availability check and to confirm or to decline all your reservations! The web application is available for a small annual fee, without percentages on the reservations made by the system.
How secure is it?
Secure Server : uses a Secure Encrypted SSL channel to collect your credit card data. Credit card numbers collected via are stored in a secure encrypted format on the Server using the GPG cryptography method.

Each Hotelier or Agency using a reservation component has its own personal cryptography password. The credit card details can then be decrypted and accessed only by the Hotelier or the Agency participating and using the system.

Want to find out more?
In order to use the Reservation Components or either advertise your enterprise in WebHotel Guide at : - WebHotel.GR - GreekHotel.Com - GreeKHotel.Net - Lodgings.GR - Apartments.GR
contact us at the following address, email and telephones:

INTERnet PRESentations
29 Argiroupoleos Ave., Argiroupoli
Athens 164 51 GREECE
Tel: +30-210 - 99 53 009 (12 lines)
Fax: +30-210 - 99 49 570

Sample of our clients

Myrto Athens Hotel
Attalos Hotel
Blue Sky Hotel (Glyfada)
Marigoula Village
Aegli Hotel
Kallisti Hotel
Arolithos Traditional Cretan Village
Kyknos Beach Hotel & Bungalows
Ideon Hotel
Magda Hotel (Gouves)
Vangelis Villas (Agios Nikolaos)
Yakinthos Hotel (Chania)
Maravel Apartments (Rethymno)
Ismini Apartments (Kalives - Chania)
Latania Apts & Studios (Stalis)

Koala Hotel
Roseland Hotel Bungalows
Kanale's Suites - Studios & Rooms
Manis Inn (Naoussa)
Kosmitis Hotel (Naoussa)
Boudari Hotel and Suites

contact us view privacy policy στα ελληνικά